I am a better man from knowing Dr. Valentina Bradley. Literally better, because she healed me; but also because she constantly shows me how to look on the bright side of life.  And until she reads this, she probably doesn’t even know that. Part of me wanted to never know a doctor at all, to be so healthy and well that I didn’t need a doctor, to just live my life interacting with people that I already had around me. But then I wouldn’t know Dr. Bradley.  I am not inviting medical problems, but if I do encounter the need, I am grateful for her. No one wants to go to a doctor — it is a great source of anxiety. But when she walks in the exam room, turns on her bright auto-flash smile, I am comforted. I catch her good mood like it’s a common cold. I appreciate that she has handled my medical complaints with professionalism, efficiency and accuracy. She is thorough, reliable and knowledgeable. I have a roster of doctors from which to choose, and the choice I made to see Dr. Bradley is validated each time I meet with her, or her staff. Just writing this note evokes a warm feeling. I am honored to recommend Dr. Bradley with my highest praise. I told you — she makes me a better man.
Skin Cancer Treatments Fort LauderdaleGreg W.
My Husband and I were leaving for a trip in one week, when I noticed he had this rather large bump on his forearm. We went to Dr. Bradley’s Office. She knew right away what to do. She did a Punch Biopsy, and stitched my Husband up. The day before leaving on Vacation to Europe. The call came that it was indeed a Skin Cancer, but the Margins were now clear. Dr. Valentina Bradley is one of the most wonderful, caring, kind, and one who will listen, rather than do all the talking. She offers options, and takes into account your active life style. This Amazing Doctor I RATE 5 STAR!
``Best Dermatologist / MOHS Surgeon In South Florida``
I found Dr. Bradley here on this site. What a pleasurable surprise after going to three different dermatologist. One ran a dermatology factory and almost ran from room to room, another had zero people skills and another was more of an MBA than a doctor and proudly showed her MBA on her card next to her MD. I waited over an hour on several different occasions to see the MBA doc. All three missed a pigmented basal cell right on my forehead that had been there for sometime. Dr. Bradley immediately recognized the lesion and had a biopsy performed. She has excellent medical skills, and graduated from Harvard. Dr. Bradley is the only Dermatologist I have seen in this area who uses a dermascope. She treats you in a very collaborative manner, does not belittle your ideas, and has spends a lot of time with you. I obviously can’t say too much about this excellent Physician.
``Great Doc``

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